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    Areas of Study

    • Licensed Vocational Nurse

      The Licensed Vocational Nurse functions as a member of the health care team providing basic nursing care, administering medications, reporting and documenting patients’ signs and symptoms, and carrying out therapeutic and rehabilitative measures.

      Licensed Vocational Nurses work in a variety of healthcare settings. When you’ve become licensed, you may choose to work in facilities such as:

      • Long-term care facilities
      • Home health agencies
      • Rehabilitation centers

      Regardless of where you choose to work, becoming a Vocational Nurse gives you the opportunity to help people, the flexbility to work with a variety of patients, and to continually expand your horizons.

      The focus of our Licenced Vocational Nursing Program is to provide graduates with the critical skills and training required to successfully pass the National Council Licensing Exam for Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN) to become licensed as a Vocational Nurse (LVN), and to gain entry-level employment in the nursing field.   Our Vocational Nursing training combines lecture, skills laboratory, and clinical training at various local health care facilities.

    • Hemodialysis Technician

      Earn your Hemodialysis Technician Certification in as little as 20 weeks!

      Hemodialysis Technicians operate dialysis machines that remove wastes, salt, and extra water from dialysis patients' blood while keeping safe levels of certain chemicals.  Technicians prepare patients for dialysis, monitor them and the machine during dialysis, and perform required procedures when dialysis is completed. Dialysis technicians help patients feel comfortable during the procedure and keep the machine in good working condition.

      Our Hemodialysis Technician Program is designed to prepare students for employment as Hemodialysis Technicians or as Dialysis Technicians.  Students will receive training on all topics required to pass the CDC examination or any of the CMS approved national certification examinations, and be prepared to work as an entry level dialysis technician in hospitals under the supervision of a registered nurse or in dialysis units run by private companies.  The program includes both theory and clinical components.  Students will complete a clinical externship to introduce them to a real-world clinical setting and work alongside professionals.

      Start your new career as a Certified Hemodialysis Technician today- request information or apply now! 

    • Certified Nurse Assistant (C.N.A.)

      This popular course is the stepping stone into the Nursing Field. The program consists of 160 hours comprising 60 hours of Theory/Lecture and 100 hours of clinical experience. Each student will learn the basics of Nursing, including first aid, feeding, bed maintenance, and blood pressure reading.  At the beginning of each CNA program, our faculty will assist each individual in their adjustment to becoming a CNA student, and to gaining familiarity with new areas of Nursing.  Each student will be trained and prepared to take and pass the Certified Nursing Assistant Board Exam and earn his/her CNA License.

    • Certified Home Health Aide (C.H.H.A.)

      The Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) course is for CNA graduates who have passed the State Board Exam.  This course consists of 40 total hours.  Each student is prepared to be able to work with patients in their homes as well as with Home Care Agencies.

    • Rehabilitative Nurse Aide (R.N.A.)

      The RNA Course is offered to all CNA graduates after passing the State Board Exam.  This course consists of 16 total hours. Our RNA course aims to provide instruction to hospital staff in handling and caring for patients that are undergoing rehabilitation and prepares the student by providing them with the skills to nurse patients to their highest possible level of physical and psychological functioning.

    • Continuing Education Units (CEU)

      This program is for Certified Nurse Assistants whose licenses are expiring and are required by the Department of Health Services to complete certain number of units of Continuing Education for the purpose of renewing their license and be able to continuously work as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

    • Director of Staff Development (D.S.D.)

      This is a 24-hour education training course in planning, implementing and evaluating education programs.  This course is designed for qualified individuals – RNs and LVNs interested in meeting the criteria for the Director of Staff Development (DSD) position in accordance with CA Code Regulations.